Sunday, April 12, 2009

Butterflies to my rescue

Filled up with empty emptiness i walk.. still

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nesta esfera, outrora quadrada

Há os que ficam e os que partem..
os que lembram e os que esquecem
os que vivem um sonho e os que sonham viver...
Há quem nunca tenha amado
e há quem ame sem saber.

Há quem chore de tanto rir
há quem sorria para não chorar
Há quem tente mais uma vez
e há quem deixe de acreditar.

Há os que podem mas não conseguem
e os que conseguem mas não fazem.
Há quem continue a construir a sua estrada
e há quem a prefira alcatroar com uma nova camada.

Há quem enfrente os seus fantasmas
na ânsia de se libertar, de se libertar...
e há quem ache que são apenas historias
que se contam às crianças para assustar.

Há quem passe uma vida inteira a fugir
para provavelmente nunca se encontrar
Há quem se agarre aquela parte de si
que sabe nunca o irá deixar.

Nesta esfera, outrora quadrada,
é a solidão que nos move...
e o amor que nos entristece a alma.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Há mais de meia-hora

Alvaro Campos - Ha mais - Fernando Pessoa by 3rd*
Há mais de meia hora
Que estou sentado à secretária
Com o único intuito
De olhar para ela.

(Estes versos estão fora do meu ritmo.
Eu também estou fora do meu ritmo).

Tinteiro grande à frente.
Canetas com aparos novos à frente.
Mais para cá papel muito limpo.
Ao lado esquerdo um volume da «Enciclopédia Britânica».
Ao lado direito —
Ah, ao lado direito!
A faca de papel com que ontem
Não tive paciência para abrir completamente
O livro que me interessava e não lerei.

Quem pudesse sintonizar tudo isto!

Tomorrow never ends

Tomorrow never ends - 3rd*
All the colours turn to grey
While time quickly fades away
We could do so much more

Counting drops out on the rain
While time slowly cures the pain
And you want to get out

Hey! Now get outside and seize the day
If all you’ve got is hurt
Let it all drive on its own
The future will decipher

You can make a million plans
But tomorrow never ends

We don’t choose
to win or loose
It’s what life’s all about

Inside this body
We make our journey
Seeking north and south

But if what you’re looking for
Came knocking at your door?

Hey! Now get outside and seize the day
If all you’ve got is hurt
Let it all drive on its own
The future will decipher

Quit mumbling around
You’re stuck
Ran out of luck
Can’t think straight…
Restart, initiate…On this town
(And it get’s you down)

And it get’s you down
So it can pull you up
back again

Hey! Now get outside and seize the day
If all you’ve got is hurt
Let it all drive on its own
The future will decipher
by 3rd*

Friday, November 28, 2008

During my sleep...

It's not the first time
and it wont be the last...
You visit me during my sleep
You speek to my ear while i rest

Where have you gone,
Where am i going alone?

Butterflyes and colours to my rescue
on this Indian night...
love is warm...
love is light.
and strong when it's real.

Will we ever cross again,
Will i ever look into your eyes?
Will all our stories be left out on the shore
for the morning tide to take
away into the vast ocean of sudden goodbyes?

It's not the first time
and it wont be the last...

Finally... i now know how they've made it
To persuade me into their world.
How they felt...
underneath the flashes and the spotlights
what they thought before the unending sleep...
I'm not afraid to sail
i've lived it too...
on a minor... very little...
well...tiny scale.

So I write for the fishes
They know all my wishes...

When im gone,
when you're gone,
when the fishes are gone
when everyone we know is gone,
These thoughts will prevail on the sea
and these waving lines will remain here
for others to find... coincidentally

(A quick peek into the future)

Wow.. How times have changed...
everything is green and peacefull
And the sun shines bright
through the white blurry clouds
on this blue and wide sky of hope
Like those portraits on my history book in 10th grade.
This is home.
Here... i'm me.

If you're reading this right now,
take my advice.
Don't think twice.
Unless you're about to loose someone you love
all the doubts in your head won't matter a thing.
They're just obstacles in you way
Delaying your porpose on this earth,
on this time.

Live your life
Spread joy, love and happyness to everyone around you.
When you're down, write
or express your emotions into something that will mark that day.
You'll find how spiritually the human being really is.
Take the so called "journey into the desert"
And if you return... please tell me how you've made it.

Gather all your friends and family
and tell them how much you love them
They already know, but you'll find
how simple the bright in their eyes
will make you smile on the inside.
Don't be afraid to cry
It's the only way you'll find
how dificult it is to say goodbye
Open the window of your bedroom and smell the fresh air.
Take a second and listen to the people walking on the street.
Don't criticize the world unless you have a solution to make it better.
If people around fail you,
be the first to push them up.
Always aim for your dreams even if they seem far, far away.
live the present, now
and let the future come naturaly.
Never turn your back on anyone even if they seem to have turn back on you.
Be there for the good and bad times.
Don't stress. Stress is less.
Be proud but not too much
Be demanding with yourself.

Finally but not last.
Listen before you speak.
Don't judge,
don't take sides if someone will loose
express your oppinion,
defend your ideas but be open mind...
"reason" is vulnerable to perspective.

Finally final.
Love... the one you love.

Monday, September 29, 2008

3rd* New remixes

3rd* New remixes // November

THE DOORS by 3rd*
THE DOORS remix3rd* - Open the doors - 3rd*

PIXIES by 3rd*
PIXIES remix3rd* - Pic Sys - 3rd*

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hi, is now on-line! The site will be the core for "3rd*", "2KoAN", and "Radio in my head" productions. So all songs, mixes, remixes, mashes, acoustic versions and original tracks will be posted there in first place. As a designer and producer cre8tivezone also has a section for video and design. Colaborations with other artists, musicians and producers will also be posted there.

C u there,
Best regards
Don't just think...
AndreGM @

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Almost time 2 leave




Desculpe! Sim, o senhor aí por trás das manivelas.
Já nem digo parar...mas... e abrandar um pouco? É possivel?

Monday, June 30, 2008

I C U 2

Location :: Athens // Attina "Attiki" :: Greece
"Just 'cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there."

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"This is me... You are who you choose 2 be" by 3rd*

"This is me... You are who you choose 2 be" by 3rd* from Andre G. Mendes aka 3rd* on Vimeo.