Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Consume me... while you can

The machine isn't feeding us,
We're feeding the machine,
Consume me... while you can
Consume me... while i'm in

DOWn is the nu uP

Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Ingrid Eto" - Zero 7 instrumental project

Ingrid Eto - Zero 7 instrumental project
Live at Santiago Alquimista (lisbon)

Not the best quality...but hey! It's live!! :D

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Radiohead - "In Rainbows"

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD "iN RAINBOWS" -> here: - A sort of mixed frequencies somewhere between chaos and harmony

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

At the time of this post the time is 2:22:22

Is this time familiar 2 you?
Am I awake?
Or am I stuck in reverse?
Why is that all this seems like
some sort of parallel universe?
If I go back in time
2 question Einstein,
only 2 questions will pop of my mind.
How and Why?
I remember 2 years ago
when I started googling it at night.
That image is still pretty clear
although 2 bright to my lashes,
that sometimes flashes into my eyes
without surprise… 2 my head,
blurring all the sight
while turning off the light I used to brag.
Been living in theories
made of random possibilities,
surrounded by the chaos of harmonic frequencies,
protected inside a shield once thought unbreakable.
Sometimes I get scared while diving deep into the ocean,
sometimes I just wished I could sleep 2 think in slow motion.
Suddenly…a second turns into a minute.
A minute leaps into an hour.
Because the tree standing in my way,
yesterday, was just a flower.
Some say this is the “awakening call”
If so,
can you tell that man not to bother anymore?
And if he insists 2 enter
tell him I’ll leave the keys in the door
2:22 a.m.
When it all began…for this man
But before you start wondering
Where do I stand today,
Let’s just say,
More days will come
More rays will fall from the Sun.
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