Wednesday, October 3, 2007

At the time of this post the time is 2:22:22

Is this time familiar 2 you?
Am I awake?
Or am I stuck in reverse?
Why is that all this seems like
some sort of parallel universe?
If I go back in time
2 question Einstein,
only 2 questions will pop of my mind.
How and Why?
I remember 2 years ago
when I started googling it at night.
That image is still pretty clear
although 2 bright to my lashes,
that sometimes flashes into my eyes
without surprise… 2 my head,
blurring all the sight
while turning off the light I used to brag.
Been living in theories
made of random possibilities,
surrounded by the chaos of harmonic frequencies,
protected inside a shield once thought unbreakable.
Sometimes I get scared while diving deep into the ocean,
sometimes I just wished I could sleep 2 think in slow motion.
Suddenly…a second turns into a minute.
A minute leaps into an hour.
Because the tree standing in my way,
yesterday, was just a flower.
Some say this is the “awakening call”
If so,
can you tell that man not to bother anymore?
And if he insists 2 enter
tell him I’ll leave the keys in the door
2:22 a.m.
When it all began…for this man
But before you start wondering
Where do I stand today,
Let’s just say,
More days will come
More rays will fall from the Sun.
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farfalla said...

"Because the tree standing in my way,
yesterday, was just a flower"

apenas por isso Parabéns pelo blog ;)