Tuesday, September 25, 2007


First weekend comes to an end
faster than I can understand.
Old days faces meet again,
those moments still remain…
“Another beer to rise this head please!”
Another laugh to move ahead
and drive away the disease.
I walk in limbo far beyond
but still have time for one more song…
You don’t need to say a word
‘cause there’s no wall between me and the sword.
Don’t ask questions and I’ll be fine.
Live your life and I’ll manage mine.
Again words flow naturally
as it always should have been.
Thoughts arrive spontaneously,
yet cold as the winter wind.
A month to remember,
And a day to forget…
Although there’s no turning back,
there’s no space in time for regret
And no one to blame.
Either you like it or not
You’ll never be the same one again…
Just another teardrop...lost,
among the vanilla rain.
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