Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sorry cause I'm about to offend you.

Sorry cause I'm about to offend you.
It’s not your fault
but… Hey! Fuck it.
I’m sick of this bullshit.
Today I feel different,
I’m indifferent to everything.
So I’ll say this loud and clear,
either your far or near.
"Fuck people with they screwed up mind
and if you wanna fuck with me,
Buy a ticket and wait in line.
I don’t care about your problems,
your writings or even your false poems.
Fuck plans, fuck tomorrow,
empty cans filled of sorrow.
Care for your family
‘cause their the only ones you don’t choose.
Think different and you will lose.
Find yourself once and for all
but leave me out from your fall.
We all have our bruises,
We’ll all stand up one day.
Meanwhile…keep searching for something new
‘cause someday…someone will fuck with you 2."
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