Sunday, September 9, 2007

Moving Shade

Surprise! The night won't rise,
You know you need to sleep a while
But the shade is still to bright, in your mind...

So stop, look, take a second to think about,
drop in, drop out.
Make your way across the line
cause there's no turning back, in time

Quietly the night flows, in a warming style
For me and you to hide
Where does she go? Dont even want to see.
Just wait a moment there for me

Relax, sit down...
You got to give it a try
One last fly over the sky
Till your head refreshes up
for one more slide

Now walk, learn, take a second to think about
drop in, drop out.
Use the way to guide you right
Take the turn, one more run
but never away from the bright light

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