Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Monster and the Beast

Tonight we'll have a feast!
Me, the monster and the beast!
We'll have LIFE for dinner
'till 3 or 5 am, at least…
If we handle it all night long,
Maybe, tomorrow, a new song will come.
If not, there’s always 12 hours of sun
to pretend to be someone,
who's better off alone.
Meanwhile… I'll stick to the point!
Ok. Joint or pot?
Then…I'll start just where i stopped.
Tonight we'll have a feast!
Me, the monster and the beast!
Certainly i'll be off…
'Till 5 or 8 am, at least…
They told me it would be fun
if i just came along and sang a song.
They told me i should only bring the chords
cause they've already written some words.
"I'm all ears!" i said
"Just pass me the mic,
and i'll be glad!"
But the invitation had something
behind that naïve and innocent smile.
They sliced me for dinner,
drained my blood like hungry bats,
licked me like cheap ice-cream
and gave the leftovers to the rats.
It’s strange when people change.
It’s strange when people change.
But… There’s always a way
to clear the head's core.
Even if it means
burning off a finger
to forget, for seconds,
about what truly hurts more.
Did i misunderstood?
Or did you just told me
"love is like a drug"?
Well…if so, is there a cure?
Stupid question... i know.
But if there was one...if so...
could those pills erase the mind back
to the point where i got off track?
Have spoken and nothing have said,
its time to go to bed.
Tomorrow’s a new day
For me, the bus and the subway.
These lyrics are about everything and nothing
all in one...
Did you got the message in these rhymes?
If not...No problem.
Just ignore these 53 previous lines,
and carry on.
Meanwhile i'll be gone,
for long...

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