Monday, September 24, 2007

eX - Press

Just give me a word and I’ll start to write.
Whatever it’s on your mind…I’m sure it’s right.
Just let it go and I’ll make it flow,
high and low like the tide,
small yet big for you to hide.
If a word is too big for you,
than a letter will do the trick too!
Just give me something…for me to say
and I’ll be King for one more day.
Whether you’re happy or sad,
whether it’s good or bad,
this is your moment to “eX-Press”.
So I’ll be the pen in your hand,
although I can’t guess…
I promise you…I’ll try to understand.
So maybe a sound will do the trick!
It’s just a frequency…but…it’ll help a bit.
Don’t sit! Don’t let it fade to black.
Move ahead and don’t look back.
And If you’ve made it here,
than you know you’re coming near.
Near to you…although far from true.
I’m arriving at the bottom of the page
and this stage awaits your shine
I’ll close my eyes and stop…for now.
Never without ending this rhyme.
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