Monday, November 5, 2007

Maybe tomorrow?! No! Today

Where i'm going
I've been there before
But where i'm going
no one knows for sure
Jumping thru the waves
splashes that rip the skin
I'll ride the sea of storms
to reach the shore in rainbows
Eyes filled of salt
that drain the ocean into a river
the inconstant flow that keeps me awake
Can't close my eyes
can't close my eyes
to late for goodbyes.
I change my shape
Preparing to escape
Beneath the cold ease
its all so clear
i know i'm near.
So play another sound,
Play another sound,
To lift me off the ground.
And drive me off this place
Calm your head!
lose yourself in space for a bit
chill your troubled mind
Cause the more you seek
The less, you now know, you’ll find.