Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Buy me time so I can answer all questions
Cause time is what stucks me to the present
And the present is always nearby to my eyes
I want to see it all forward and rewind
Learn it all without any lies
So I can reach a peacefull state of mind.
Full filling my life, as it should be
Understanding dreams thru reality

I’m not myself and neither are you
We are just another process
An unfinished satisfaction of what we seek
A Karma circle that never ends
Making us stronger out from the weak.

We shall find our way back home
Going deep and coming again
It’s not a question of what is learned
But the answer to the question we try to run from

Guided by the theories and philosophies
We try to separate “good” from “right”
Creating an image of “perfection”
As “perfection” was our guiding light.

Now...Do you really know yourself?
Or do you know your image, reflected, in the mirror?
"Finishing the unfinished"

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