Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Above love...only liberty

This is my hideout from the world
this is my hideout from you
under the blue...under the blue
where i rest in quiet noise

I'm a fish beneath this skin
just inches above the lower sand
where i stand...and remain
Do you even know my name?

Born on the strongest river
raised in the calm lake
I come face 2 face with the ocean ahead
I'm scared of losing my way
Yet, I don't even know who i am
I don't even know where i stand
Will this ocean ever end?
will the stars point me to land?

There's no way down from here
There's nothing more to dig
Guess i'm stuck
Ran out of luck
its true...indeed
Down is the new up
Down is the new me
'Cause above love
only liberty
but that...
i still can't see

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